NYC Latino Muslims, Alianza Islamica, ASWAD at MIB

ALIANZA ISLAMICA, pioneering Latino Muslims in New York City. Giving dawah since the 1970’s. ASWAD (Ancient Sacred Wisdom And Development) at Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood.

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  1. Assalaaum `alaykum

    I remember the Alianza Islamica when I was a young Muslim in Newark hanging out in Manhattan. I’m now a professor of Islamic Studies at Temple University in Philadelphia but I reside in Newark. I’m writing a book on Islam in Newark, and I’d love to interview people who can tell me more about bani saqr. My personal email is I look forward to hearing from you.

    The video post is fantastic. I’m going to reach out to Imam Talib for more information!

    Dr. Zain Abdullah

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