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By Yahya Figueroa

Strangely our brothers and sisters following the Salafi model love photos and publicity although many of the same minhaj believe photos to be haram, such as pictures of women with exposed faces.  I think it speaks to our confusion that these same ladies embrace modest dressing yet their behavior desires to be heard and mixed gender company does not seem to fit into their overall very strict interpretation.

Let  us frankly state the obvious. We are in America. Our history, cultural background and approach to life are very different than the model that is being selectively chosen for us.

I am uncomfortable with I feel to be a list for fame and recognition among the stars in this current movement.

Perhaps it is generational.

There is a push toward conversion fatwa but what happens when these people enter Islam?

Where is basic support, encouragement, and follow up? To the best of my knowledge there is none. It truly is as a current political phrase had it – all talk no action.

What of Muslim elderly or prisoners or poor homeless etc? No plan, no care.

So again I am challenging my current Muslim activists. Less fame and glory. More care for the weak and needy among our people and people in general regardless of caste color or creed.

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