“Latino Muslim Perspective on Racism within Muslim Community” by Ramon Ocasio | ICNA-MAS Convention

This lecture shines a light on the problem of racism in the American Muslim community. Its primary focus is on the ways Arabs and Indo-Pakistanis discriminate against Black and Latino Muslims.

The examples cited reveal the stark reality of Muslim discrimination and the need for frank and open dialogue. As with most things noxious, prejudice festers in the dank dark. Honest discussion, public as well as private, is a must.

In that vein, it is troubling that an essential part of the speech was deleted from the video. That excised portion dealt with organizational and institutional discrimination. Some major national Muslim organizations, especially those run by first and second generation immigrants, have a history of attempting to co-opt and control Latino Muslim initiatives. These efforts betray motivations and agendas that don’t align with the best interests of Latino Muslims and the Latino people.

Racism, and it’s prurient twin, arrogance, held in opposition to Islamic standards will always be found wanting. Delusional airs of superiority betray Islamic values to the core and are anathema to civilized Islamerican society. May Allah, The Most High, protect us from this evil. Amin.

Rahim Ocasio

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